FAST Requested to Ardsley on the 2nd Alarm
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
April 30, 2022

The Valhalla FAST was requested to respond to a 2-Alarm fire in Ardsley. Crews arrived to relieve the Elmsford FAST. Once set up crews completed their 360 and received a briefing. The FAST stood by while crews knocked down hotspots and overhauled. Shortly after the FAST was released and returned to service

Units: 2484, R9 (FAST)
Mutual Aid: AFD: 2012, E164, E165, L50 HFD: 2182, L22 DFFD: 2091, E49 IFD: 2201, R49 FFD: E175 TFD:E80 (FAST) EFD: 2113, L55 (FAST) BAT14