Electrical Service Line Down in Driveway
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
August 19, 2022

VFD was dispatched to an electrical line on fire. Units arrived on scene and identified that the service line to the residence was disconnected, burning, but still energized. Notification was made to ConEd to cut the power. While members were awaiting ConEd's arrival they checked for any heat signatures on the residence. Once the power was deenergized, the burning on the line was extinguished and the surrounding area was wet down. Once all hotspots in the grass were hit, units cleared scene. Remember if you see a downed wire do not go near it. This was a perfect example on what to do if an electrical wire is down. The homeowner quickly called the fire department and stayed clear of the wire.

Units: 2484, E84, TL49
Mutual Aid: ConEd Electric