FAST Heads to Port Chester for Multi Alarm Fire
By Asst. Chief Matthew DiPrinzio
April 17, 2023

Earlier today, Valhalla FAST was requested as the 2nd FASTeam to the scene of a structure fire in Port Chester. An additional FAST was requested due to the size of the fire building. Crews arrived with heavy fire coming out of multiple buildings. Valhalla and Town of Mamaroneck FAST stood by in the front of the structure while Fairview FAST stood by in the rear. Crews were forced to defensive operations setting up multiple master streams. Due to the high water demand, tankers needed to be set up to provide water to multiple tower ladders. Members stood by while the bulk of the fire was being knocked down. Once the fire was placed under control, units were relased. Valhalla FAST was relased around 5pm with Port Chester units remaining on scene to hit hot spots.

Units: 2482, R9 (FAST)
Mutual Aid: PCFD: 2391, 2392, 2393, E60, E61, E62, E63, E64, L31, TL2, R40, R41...RBFD: L30...PFD: 2411, L53, E241, E238...RFD:2422, E191...TMFD: 2231, R6 (FAST)...WHFD: 2502, TL9...HFD: 2161, E11...VMFD: 2241, E41...TFD: 2473, TL1...DFFD: 2093, E49...BHFD: 2033, TL57...FFD: 2122, E175 (FAST)...CFFD: 2073, T8...CFD:T10, U14...CVFD: T11...PHFD: T12...BFD: 2581, E157, T7...BFD:2041, E109