FAST Requested to 2-Alarm Fire in Ardsley
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
December 5, 2020

This afternoon, Valhalla FAST was dispatched to Ardsley for a 2-Alarm apartment fire. Upon arrival members took over FAST operations from Fairview Fire Department. The FAST stood by, as crews extinguished the fire and checked for extension. Once the fire was put under control crews were released.

Units: Car 2481 Rescue 9 Valhalla FAST
Mutual Aid: 1st Alarm - Ardsley: E164, E165, L50 Dobbs Ferry: E48 Hastings: L22 Irvington: R49 Fairview: E175 (FAST) 2nd Alarm - Elmsford: L55 Tarrytown: E80 Valhalla: 2481 R9 (FAST)