FAST Responds to Pleasantville 10-75
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
January 5, 2021

Early this morning, the Valhalla FAST was requested to Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department for a working structure fire. Crews from Pleasantville FD attempted an interior attack but were met with heavy fire conditions. All manpower was evacuated from the building. Two tower ladder master streams were set up to knock down a bulk of the fire. When conditions started to improve crews were sent back in to extinguish pockets of fire. Valhalla FAST stood by and "softened" the building. After four hours the fire was under control and the FAST was released.

Units: Pleasantville 2371, 2372, E90, E91, R47, TL5
Mutual Aid: Thornwood:2472 TL1 Chappaqua:2061 E146 Valhalla:2481 R9 (FAST) Briarcliff:2052 R37 (Cascade)