Furry Friends Stop By Firehouse for Some Training
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
April 25, 2021

Today, the department had a couple furry visitors. Prospective service dogs from Caring Angels came to the firehouse to get acclimated to some everyday noises, sights, and smells. Our members donned their gear and went “on air” so the dogs could get used to what a firefighter looks and sounds like. We’re always excited to have visitors especially the four legged kind. We wish all the “students” good luck in their certification


EX CHIEF ARVID JOHANSON April 28, 2021 at 2:41 PM
I would like to say that Captain Matthew DiPrinzio is doing a great job on the Valhalla Fire
Department web site. The information that I read makes me feel that I am still involved in the every day responses. Matthew I am living in Florida now but try to read all that you print on the Valhalla Fire Department web site. Thank You