Truck Goes to Port Chester 2 Alarm Fire
By Captain Matthew DiPrinzio
December 7, 2021

Just after noon today, Tower Ladder 49 was requested to relocate to Port Chester and cover their district while they operated at an apartment fire. While responding, a second alarm was transmitted which sent TL49 to the scene. Upon arrival, Port Chester command sent TL49’s crew to the 6th floor to assist with searches and ventilation. Once the crew completed their assignment, they were asked to bring up fans to the 8th floor to assist with venting. Once all smoke was vented from all floors the fire was declared under control. Tower Ladder 49 was released and returned to town around 2pm

Units: Port Chester - 2391, 2392, 2393, E-61, E-62, E-63, E-64, TL-2, R-40 Rye Brook - L-54
Mutual Aid: Purchase - 2411, E-241 Village Of Mamaroneck - 2242, E-41 Greenwich Fire - Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, E-3, E-4 Tarrytown Fire - TL-78 Valhalla Fire - 2481, TL-49 Ossining Fire - 2331, R-14, U-51 Town Of Mamaroneck - 2232, R-6 WCDES - Bat 18, Bat 19, EMS 11, CC-4, CC8, FC-1 C&O Zone 2
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